The visions only came on occasion. At first. Then they increased to nightly. For the most part it wasn’t too inconvenient. At first. After awhile Ramus had trouble getting rest. He knew that there would likely be some side effects to becoming a favored of Pelor, but didn’t really realize to what extent. The dreams were of the suffering in the lands around the free cities. There was a lot of suffering. Nerull and Hextor had all of the Lake Arcanus area in chaos. Ramus was to be the bringer of light in their storm. He had to rally the forces of good against them. That was an uphill battle all on its own.

Prianna had her work cut out for her simply being a friend to Ramus. She lived with her people’s sense of loss over their homeland even though she had never seen it. Until shortly after she met Ramus. They traveled to her ancestral homeland to find a lesser artifact for Ramus’s new temple to Pelor. The Demonwood, or the Forest of Loss as the elves called it, was a far worse place then she had imagined. Only with the help of their friends, Milo the rogue, and Dertan the sorcerer, were they able to find the artifact and narrowly escape. Since then she felt even more determined to see the elves returned to peace.
Milo had just as much loss. His best friend Dertan had recently betrayed him. Not only him, but all of the goodly peoples of Lake Arcanus. Milo had suffered greatly because Dertan had tried to kill him after he wouldn’t turn to Nerull with him. Dertan then destroyed a safe house and killed several of the members of the Order of Light, whom he was a trusted member. The Order of Light then assigned Milo to lead the hunt for Dertan. He has gathered information on his movements but thats been it so far.
Modi was sent on a quest based on a dream that

Lake Arcanus